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Dangers of Further U.S. Aggression in Syria by Joe Lombardo

It seems more and more clear that the US is preparing a major attack on Syria. Bolton, in a recent talk to the right-wing Federalist Society, claimed that if Assad used chemical weapons in Idlib, the US, Britain and France will respond in a much greater way than in the past.
As if on Cue, the US claims intelligence sources say that Assad has approved the use of chlorine gas on Idlib. This is as good as the intelligence findings that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Idlib is the last stronghold of the Al Qaada “rebels,” which have an estimated 10,000 foreign jihadist fighters in the area. With the return of Idlib to the Syrian people, the imperialist backed “rebels” in Syria will be defeated and the US will suffer a blow to its militaristic foreign policy.
The US and its allies are already warning that there will be a blood bath in Idlib so that they can be seen as fighting a humanitarian war when they attack. This is also the reason that they say that Syria uses chemical weapons. Syria gave up its chemical weapons to the UN and yet the US still uses this as an excuse to bomb Syria, always before any investigation can take place.

A major imperialist escalation in Syria will put the US in conflict with Russia, which has started bombing around Idlib and has moved 13 Navy ships into the area. Unlike the US, Russia was invited into the country but only years after the US back war against Syria had destroyed much of the country. The US has not been invited into the country and its intervention is a violation of international law.

The antiwar movement in the US must prepare to respond to any further US aggression in Syria.

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