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What kind of country do we want to live in?

An article in the New York Times today says that 90% of Republican voters “embrace” Trump. This is unsettling for those of us who still believe in democracy and freedom. Americans who believe in peace, justice and overcoming racism, are left wondering what the future of the US will be. This unwavering support for a leader who lies to his supporters and lacks basic knowledge of history, science, and current events, is stunning. Trump supported the tax cut for the rich, which will, over time, lead to cuts in all the safety net programs the middle class relies on, including Social Security, Medicare, Public Education, the Affordable Care Act, the FDA, and more. Those that embrace Trump will suffer from these unnecessary cuts, just like the rest of the 99%.
There are many reason’s for Trump’s support.  It has always been true that we Americans idolize the super rich. We may not be rich but we want to act like we are. We suffer from exceptionalism, and see our country as different from other areas of the world that struggle with authoritarian rule and 3rd world economies. That can’t happen here, or can it? Apparently we can add to that list the fact that we like to be lied to as long as the liar is telling us what we want to hear. There is no Climate Change to worry about. Science doesn’t matter. American is great, if we believe it ! We have also been force fed propaganda about the US being number one, and the “good guys” for so long, that we now embrace the idea without question. Finally, the most troubling reason of all that Trump is so popular, is that the Democrats have failed miserably to promote any sort of progressive agenda. They don’t seem to even recognize the problem.
We are now looking at the possibility of a second term for Trump.
Workers are struggling, the poor are going hungry and without housing, and our environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Being lied to and told that we are “great” would be impossible for Americans to accept, if they took the time to look in the mirror. What kind of country do we want to live in? Is a third world, dictatorship good enough for us? Is the freedom to shop and carry a weapon, the only freedom that matters?


  1. Mary

    Thanks so much, sadly far too true. We also have to look at what are our young people’s options today in this climate.

  2. Leslie

    Trudy, You have exposed all the critical issues that we as Americans need to clearly understand and decide how we want to go forward rather than backwards in this country. We are sliding down a very slipper slope at an alarming rate . We all have a responsibility to attend to the future of our children and grandchildren and stop this onslaught of repression, oppression, massive injustice, massive wealth disparity, lack of health care and valuable education. We are clearly facing a dangerous precipice. Thanks for doing this, as always.

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