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Episode 1, Filmed on February 5, 2013, Joe Lombardo and Trudy Quaif discuss
BNP and UNAC activities:

Episode 2, Filmed on March 12, 2013, Trudy Quaif interviewing Joe Lombardo and
Elliott Adams about the use of predator drones by the US military and
the CIA. The discussion focuses on why we are protesting the use of
drones by the US military and the CIA:

Episode 3, Filmed on April 3, 2013, Trudy Quaif interviewing Jeanne
Finley and Steve Downs about “preemptive prosecution”. The discussion
focuses on organizations such as the Muslim Solidarity Committee,
Project SALAM, and NCPCF, all organized to provide support for the
victims of preemptive prosecution:

Episode 4: This is an interview with Maud Easter and Mabel Leon,discussing
Women Against War and the work they have done to promote peace in the
past 10 years. The conversation focuses on the reasons for activism
against war, and various projects that Women Against War have done in
the Capital Region. (Filmed on May 14, 2013)

Episode 5: This is an interview with Gail Pawlowski and Dan Kelly,discussing
the Occupy Albany movement. The conversation focuses on why and how the
Occupy movement was formed, and their activist activities in the
Capital District. (Filmed on June 5, 2013)

Episode 6: This is an interview with Dan Morrissey, a founding member of
Capital District Against Fracking and Regional Coordinator of New
Yorkers Against Fracking. The conversation focuses on why hydrofracking
should be banned in New York State and the actions that have been taken
by local activists to inform the public about the dangers of
hydrofracking. (Filmed on August 13, 2013)

Episode 7: This is an interview with Mari Matsuo, a young activist in the
Capital Region. In this interview Mari discusses human rights and
antiwar issues and what she believes we need to do in order to advocate
for peace and justice for all. (Filmed on September 11, 2013)

Episode 8: This is an interview with Malalai Joya, who is a human rights
activist in Afghanistan. At age 27 she was the youngest member ever
elected to the Afghan Parliament where she courageously challenged the
corrupt warlords in her country. In this interview she talks about the
effects that 10 years of US war and occupation have had on her country.
(Filmed on October 9, 2013)

Episode 9: In this interview, Paul Rehm, a local activist, talks about his trip
to Palestine and describes what he witnessed as a member of Christian
Peacemaker teams. He also discusses the Guantanamo Bay prison, and the
reasons why it should be closed immediately.
(Filmed on November 6, 2013)

Episode 10: Trudy Quaif, BNP member, interviewing Connie Houde, on December 4,
2013. Connie Houde is a photojournalist and Capital Region peace
activist. In this interview, she discusses her trips to Afghanistan and
Africa. Connie describes the conditions in Afghanistan and Africa and
the results of war and industrialization. Her photos tell the story of
the people and their vanishing cultures. She captures the spirit, and
shared humanity, of people that she photographers.