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Episode 11: This is an interview with Leila Zand, (Filmed on January 28, 2014)
. Leila Zand is from the Middle East and an activist for peace. She is
actively involved with the Capital Region organization, Women Against
War, and the international organization, Fellowship of Reconciliation.
The discussion focuses on current conditions in Iran, what life has
been like for Iranians under sanctions, and why it is important to work
for peace in the Middle East.

Episode 12:  This is an interview with Lynne Jackson, (Filmed on
February 18, 2014) Lynne Jackson talks about her activism in the
Capital Region over the past 35 years, and her recent work with Project
SALAM (Support and Legal Advocacy for Muslims). This past summer, Lynne
went on a Journey for Justice, delivering a petition for Yassin Aref,
walking from Albany to Binghamton. Lynne also talks about her work as
co-founder of the Save the Pine Bush organization.

Episode 13:  Episode 13: This is an interview with Dr Lawrence
Wittner, (Filmed on March 5, 2014) . Dr. Wittner is a Professor of
History emeritus at SUNY/Albany. He is the author of numerous books and
articles, including the award winning trilogy, “The Struggle Against
the Bomb”. Dr. Wittner discusses the history of the nuclear arms race
and gives suggestions of how we might secure a nuclear weapons free
world. He also discusses his newest book, a humorous novel, titled ”
What’s Going On at UAardvark?”. For people who would like more
information about creating a nuclear weapons free world, Dr. Wittner
recommends the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation ( and Upper
Hudson Peace Action ( “Confronting the Bomb”, a book
written by Dr. Wittner, is also a good place to start learning more
about this issue.

Episode 14: This is an interview with Sandy Steubing,
(Filmed on April 9, 2014) . Sandy Steubing is well known for her work
opposing hydrofracking in New York State and her work with the Capital
District Transition Network. Sandy is active in the Green Sanctuary
Committee of the Albany Unitarian Church and more recently she has
begun working with a new organization, PAUSE, People of Albany United
for Safe Energy. Sandy discusses her history of environmental activism
and various issues related to the “bomb” trains, now rolling through
Albany every day, carrying Bakken crude oil. She also talks about the
need for an energy policy that emphasizes renewable sources of energy
and recognizes the need to move away from fossil fuels in order to
create energy independence, while addressing climate change.

Episode 15: This is an interview with Dan Wilcox (Filmed on May 7, 2014). Dan
Wilcox is member of the Tom Paine Chapter of Veterans for Peace, a long
time peace activist, a poet and a photographer. In this interview, Dan
talks about his work as a peace activist during the Vietnam War, while
he served in the military. He also discusses his opposition to the war
in Iraq and the current war in Afghanistan. He also discusses Third
Thursday Poetry Night, a monthly poetry group, and he reads some of his
own poetry, including: “If Peace Broke Out Tomorrow…..” .

Episode 16: This is an interview with Susan DuBois (Filmed on June 18, 2014).
Susan DuBois is well known for her work as an activist, advocating for
workers on labor issues, and she is the treasurer for the Solidarity
Committee of the Capital Region. She is also a long time peace
activist, and has worked on many local issues, including efforts to
keep local post offices open. In this interview, she talks about the
North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) and the Trans Pacific Partnership
(TPP) and their economic impact on the workers of Mexico and the United
States. Susan also talks about her trips to Mexico with the Labor
Religion Coalition of New York State.

Episode 17: This is an interview with Mary Finneran (Filmed on August 5, 2014).
Mary Finneran She is well know for her work opposing hydrofracking in
New York State. She continuously promotes peace, and a healthy planet.
Mary is an active member of Greene Renewable Energy and Environmental
Network’s (GREEN), Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, Frack Free Catskill,
Frackbusters, and People of Albany United for Safe Energy. PAUSE In
this interview, she talks about her motivation to become an activist
and her reasons for opposing hydrofracking.

Episode 18: This is an interview with Pat Beetle, (Filmed on September 24,
2014) . Pat Beetle is well known for her work advocating for peace,
justice and a healthy planet. In this video she talks about her history
of activism. As one of the founders of Women Against War and the
Grannies for Peace, Pat has been a role model for many other activists.
The conversation includes a discussion of the work done by Upper Hudson
Peace Action, which Pat was coordinator of for many years. Pat also
discusses two issues she believes are of primary importance: the need
for a ban on nuclear weapons and the Climate Change crisis.

Episode 19: This is an interview with Michael Rice, recorded on October 8,
2014. Michael Rice has a long history of activism. This interview
includes a discussion of his early activism, what radicalized him, what
motivates him to action, and the issues he is most concerned about
today. He was one of the founding members of
Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace and has also been active with the New
York Civil Liberties Union, Occupy Albany and the Muslim Solidarity
Committee. Michael also discusses the Nine Mile Farm CSA, his most
recent project, which was started by Michael and his daughter Rebekah,
in 2011.

Episode 20: This is an interview with Fred Pfeiffer, recorded on November4,
2014. Fred has been a Capital District Resident for over 40 years,
originally graduated High School in Goshen, NY in 1968. He is a
machinist by trade and union activist and elected representative. Half
his work life he worked in area factories and the other half on behalf
of union members. Currently he is retired from paid wage labor. He
volunteers frequently in area activist work and works on sustainable
gardening and at the HW Food Coop, As a charter member of the
Solidarity Committee of the Capital District, a worker advocacy group,
he works on Solidarity projects and helps publish the Solidarity Notes-
their monthly newsletter that has been in existence for over 30 years.
In this video, Fred discusses the roots of his activism and the issues
that he is concerned about now: a living wage, peace, a healthy
environment, worker rights and strong unions.

Episode 21: This is an interview with Alice Brody, recorded on December 9,
2014. Alice has traveled to 50 countries, beginning with the Peace
Corps in Nigeria in 1966, during the period of the Biafra War. She
was evacuated in the middle of the night, eventually being reassigned
to Morogoro, Tanzania. She has been involved in the labor movement
since the mid-70s, working at the GM plant in Fremont, Ca. and Brazil.
She was part of the Brotherhood Caucus, a grassroots movement that
democratized the union. She also worked for NYSUT for 16 years,
creating a program for teacher aides and assistants. She continues
to be a labor activist. Alice Brody visited the West Bank in 2013
and also Iran. In this interview, Alice talks about her activism,
including promoting Single Payer Health Care and an end to the wars.
She also discusses her visits to Iran and the West Bank.